Friday, February 29, 2008

Shorter and faster.

I ran a little shorter and alot faster today. On the treadmill in the fitness center (again).

7:08 (15:11)
6:32 (21:43)
(3:34) 25:17

I had to run on one of my least favorite treadmill models today. It was really shaking when I got the MPH up to 9.5 (near the end of my 3rd mile). Plus it only has one display so I can't see time and distance at the same time, I need to press a button several times to toggle between the 2 displays.

Bad news is I looked at next week's weather forecast, 39-33-30-27-35. Looks like another week of mostly indoor running.

Good news is if I run 3 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday, this will be my 4th consecutive week with an increase in total miles.

Total miles for February is 95. I've only had one month (June 2007, 100.5 miles) in recent years that I've ran that many miles. That dates back to 2005 but I'm sure if I checked it would probably date all the way back to 1995.

I ran 25 days this month with just 4 days off.

Weight = 190 lbs.

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