Thursday, September 24, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Races

I ran 2 races over the Labor Day Weekend.

On Saturday I ran the Firelands 5k in New London, Ohio. We had spent the night at my sister's house to get an earlier start. The morning started with the fun run. Rachel ran, and I ran half of it with George. (The race is 2 times around a half-mile loop). Many other nieces and nephews ran also.

Now for the 5k it was Luke, Brooke, and I. I started near the back with my daughter Brooke, and ran with her about 1/8 mile, to the first turn. Then I started moving up, getting to the mile mark in 6:39. The second mile was about as strong and I passed the 2-mile mark in 13:23 (a 6:44 split).

Coming up towards the last turn before the finish, I knew there was someone nearby and I hoped it wasn't Shawn T, who is in my age group and has beat me frequently in this race. As I made the turn, I peeked, and that's exactly who I saw. I picked up the pace and held him off though.

My final time was 21:11, 27th overall out of 161 and 1st in my age group. Results are posted here.

I didn't win a doorprize, although Luke won $10 at Marathon Gas (which I claimed) and Brooke won a gift basket from a local hospital which included a shirt (my size), some lotions (for her) and some things for the car (also for me).

Sunday morning Luke and I ran an easy 4 miles.

Monday Luke and I went to Milan for a workout. The plan was to enter the Melon Festival 5k, run the 1st mile at a conversational pace, run the 2nd mile faster, and then race hard the final mile. We saw 2 boys from Luke's soccer team, as well as my nephews Thomas & Brian.

Well the 1st mile time was 8:15 (closer to 8:00 once you subtract the time it took us to get to the starting line). We were just passing one of Luke's teammates at that time, as well as many ohters.

Our 2nd mile time was 15:35, meaning we ran a 7:20 2nd mile. Good, maybe even too good. Luke didn't really have much pick-up left at that point. Still I pulled him along and we continued to pass, including his other teammate. Luke's final time was 23:37 (mine was 23:41) so he ran 8:02 for the final 1.1 mile. Neither of us placed in our age, and although Thomas was 4th overall, none of our family won a doorprize!

Final results for the milan 5k are posted here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Firelands 5k Results

I'm hoping to post a more thorough write-up of my weekend running soon, but for now, here is a link to the 2009 Firelands 5k Results, in New London, Ohio on September 5th.

I won my age group in 21:11.