Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Groin Pain

Almost 2 years ago, when I was ramping up my training and had hit 30-40 miles per week for about 6 weeks, I developed a sudden groin pain that would not go away, even with rest. I eventually had hernia surgery, but even after the surgery and patient healing, nothing had changed.

My right groin had a weakened feeling, not a sharp pain, but strong enough to deter me from trying to run, as I felt any exertion would bring back the pain.

Finally after over a year, I did the Beachbody P90X extreme home fitness program. I lost weight, gained strength, and was able to start running again. I was unable to explain why, but it seemed that the P90X workouts had cuted me.

Well I recently found this post and this post on a running message board answerred by Dr. Nilesh Shah. Both posts seem to indicate that groin pain in runners may be caused by a core imbalance, or a weakness in the core area.

Since P90X certainly strengthens the core, this may explain my miracle cure!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two-A-Day (total 9 miles)

I ran 4 miles at lunch on the treadmill at work in 30:08

I then went to circuits class for the last half.

Tonight I ran with Greg, Thomas, & Liz at the Oberlin bike path. We did the normal run which my Garmin Forerunner measures as 4.65, I then added 1.5 laps around the parking lot to make it an even 5 miles in 41:06.

There were patches of snow on the path, which of course were better than the slick icy spots. The footing was definitely dicey in several sections.

Splits were 8:28-8:01-8:15-7:43-8:40.

Max heart rate was 160, average was 142.

Thomas and I are making plans for a longer (12ish) run around 12:30 on Christmas eve.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reindeer Run 5K - 19:29

I raced the Reindeer Run in Lakewood last weekend. This race starts and finishes at Lakewood Park, similar to the old Two For The Road course. But they have improved the course, it now goes straight out and back with just 1 block to turn (so it's not a u-turn) around at the far-away point.

I did a nice warm-up of about 1 1/2 miles. I was hoping I could get into the mid 19's, similar to my 2000 5k best of 19:27.

The weather was cold, I wore shorts, long sleeve t-shirt, another t-shirt over top, gloves, and a stocking cap. I think the temperature was about 29.

I started in about the 3rd row. Started well and stayed focused, mile split was 6:00. This was a little slower than I had hoped, but not by much.

Kept concentrating, running hard, made the turn, and was 12:20 at the 2-mile, a 6:20 second mile. Did a little math and knew I could still run mid 19's with a solid finish. Got caught by the 4th girl, raced her in over the final 1/2 mile or so.

Oddly there was a 3-mile split, right where we turn back into the park. 18:55, or a 6:35 3rd mile. Finished hard and was 19:31 crossing the line, adjusted chip time was 19:29 according to the results, but it wasn't enough to get me an age-group medal.

Meanwhile, Luke ran 22:04, a PR by almost a minute, and finished 2nd in his age.