Sunday, February 17, 2008

Timing Runs

I ran 3 miles easy tonight. I had planned to run on the treadmill but the rain had stopped so I went ahead and ran outside. This gave me a chance to try out my new Timex Ironman watch that I bought last night for $20.

Mile 1: 8:21
Mile 2: 8:23 (16:44)
Mile 3: 7:41 (24:25)

I haven't timed my runs for years. In the past, whenever I was running competitively, I ran with a team so I never really had to be concerned with how fast I was running on my own. Those days are gone now so I'm planning on running at least some of my runs with a watch.

The other interesting thing about this week is that I ran a total of 24 miles. This is a half mile farther than last week, but last week I ran all 7 days and this week I took a day off. I'm pleased with my progress so far.

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