Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday Easy 3 Miles

I ran an easy 3 miles today. I was planning to run on the treadmill but the temperature got up around 37 F and there was a group from the fitness center going outside so I tagged along. Regulars Vicki, Peter, Geoff, Milica all ran and Laura and Scott came along also.

My calves were very sore from Circuits yesterday since one of the group exercises was calf-raises. I must have done close to 200 yesterday (standing on a bar, no extra weight). And since I had not done much exercise in the past couple weeks, I was definitely feeling it.

So I ran at the back of our group with Geoff until we came to the last hill. I worked hard up the hill, caught Petey, and almost caught the others.

Weight (after run) 185 lbs.

Lots of other fitness stuff to report! First, the fitness center had a contest back around the holidays. You had to weigh in before Thanksgiving and again after Christmas. The goal was to not gain weight. I actually lost a pound! Everybody who stayed even was given a T-shirt and those of us who lost weight each won a $10 gift card to Tower City.

Next, my nephew Keith sent me a link last night about a Treadmill Challenge. Twelve running studs from northeast Ohio are trying to break the record for most miles run in 24 hours on a treadmill. Sounds like fun to me.

Finally, I just found out that my other nephew and running buddy Zorlod has a blog! He's just getting started but I'm sure he'll have some cool stuff up there very soon.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday Circuits

This blog will serve as a workout log as well as have some other posts on the topic of running.

I am a member of our fitness center at work. Today my workout was the 12:05 PM Circuits Class. There are about 18 stations around the room. After a warm-up (walking, lunges, jogging, high knees, butt-kicks, jumping jacks), we spread out to various stations and spend a couple minutes at each one before the instructor yells "Rotate!"

Every 3 or 4 stations the instructor will call us all back to the center of the room and we will do some excercises together. Matt was the instructor today and it was a good class.

Weight (after class) = 186 lbs.

I've been unmotivated for the past few weeks due to the cold weather and just needing a break, but I am ready to get back at it.