Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Freezing Cold

We ran the bike path tonight. There were 5 of us, Greg, Ken, Randy, and I, and Randy's friend Ed. The weather was pretty brutal for a first-timer so Ed earned some respect for sure.

The temperature was barely above single digits and there was a wind hitting us in the face as we started out heading west.

Tonight's amusing story was how Ken's transmission failed, leaving him stranded outside a house where he was tutoring. Having just finished a cup of coffee, he ended up walking several blocks to a park to relieve himself, before returning to find the tutoree's mother had returned from swim practice and Ken could phone for a tow-truck and a ride.

I forgot to start my watch but I ran the 4.5 mile course in around 35 minutes, finishing with Ken & Ed. Randy & Greg were a couple minutes ahead.

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