Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Running And P90X Week 9 Chest & Back

Tonight was my weekly run with my brother / nephews / friends. There were 7 runners tonight and I'm still at the back but I kept up MUCH better than either of the past 2 weeks.

Came home, watched a tv show with my daughter, and then pressed play for the P90X Chest & Back workout. I'm starting week 9 and it's hard to believe I haven't done that workout since week 3. If you haven't been following along, Chest & Back is pretty much full of nothing but push-ups and pull-ups for an hour.

As a testament to my improved strength, I matched or beat my previous max reps on ALL 12 exercises, both times through!

Finished the night with Ab-Ripper X.

Monday, June 29, 2009

P90X Yoga Modification, Plyometrics, & Bowling

I had a super-busy schedule yesterday and had to modify my P90X Yoga workout to get it done. I split it in half, doing the moving asanas in the early evening and then the balance postures later at night. Also I surrendered in a battle for tv time so I made space to do them in the bedroom. The only challenge to that was in finding a spot to stand where I didn't bump into the ceiling fan when I reached up.

Earlier I had done a partial P90X Plyometrics workout with 8 kids from our soccer league. We did most of the moves, but for 30 seconds each and only 1 time through.

And the bowling was on a date with my wife. I haven't bowled in years, but started out my first game with 2 strikes in a row. I ended up with 170, but it could have been even higher as I was awful at picking up my spares, and I rolled a gutterball on my 3rd ball of the 10th frame (after 2 more strikes).

My second game was more my speed with 123.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spencer 5k

I ran a 5k race this morning. It was a low-key, small-town race, which was probably good for me. I ran 22:35, which is slower than 2 years ago when I was running, but faster than my usual "starting from scratch" time so I guess it's ok.

My first mile was 6:31 which was too fast, was hoping for close to 7. I was right behind a guy my age who I run with alot who I am capable of beating when I am in shape.

I slowed down at that point and kind of drifted in and out of focus for the rest of the race, hitting the 2-mile in 14:01 (7:30 split) and then a 8:34 split (1.1 miles) for the finish.

I got passed by 1 person in the 2nd mile and 3 in the last mile. I felt like I had more speed than endurance (not too surprising since I've really only had 3 runs in the past 2 years, and 1 of them was Friday morning.

My plan is to keep running 4.5 on Tuesday night and mix in the EIFB 22 minutes twice / week for the next 5 weeks, and see where that gets me. After I complete this round of P90X, I may focus on running in August & September.

My son Luke (12) ran 25:40 and finished 2nd for boys 11-14.

Friday, June 26, 2009

EIFB (Extreme Interval Fat Burning) Running

Did an extra cardio workout this morning. Was reading Mick's Seattle Racing thread on Beachbody and saw some talk of EIFB (Extreme Interval Fat Burning) running.Since this is my recovery week and today was my X-Stretch day, and I'm planning on a 5k tomorrow, I decided this would be a good day to add in an extra run.

From what I understand, you do this workout first thing in the AM:
0-2 minutes = 5 (level of effort)
2-3 minutes = 6
3-4 minutes = 7
4-5 minutes = 8
5-6 minutes = 9
6-7 minutes = 6
7-8 minutes = 7
8-9 minutes = 8
9-10 minutes = 9
10-11 minutes = 6
11-12 minutes = 7
12-13 minutes = 8
13-14 minutes = 9
14-15 minutes = 6
16-17 minutes = 7
17-18 minutes = 8
18-19 minutes = 9
19-20 minutes = 10
20-22 minutes = 5

I ran on my treadmill and started out at 6.0 MPH (10:00 / mile). I increased by .7 for every level of intensity:
5 = 6.0 MPH = 10:00 minute pace
6 = 6.7 = 8:57
7 = 7.4 = 8:06
8 = 8.1 = 7:24
9 = 8.8 = 6:49
10 = 9.5 = 6:18

It was a good workout in a pretty short amount of time and I was sweating like crazy. I walked to the end of the block and back and then took a cold shower and was barely able to stop sweating.

I think I will add it in a couple times / week during my final phase of P90X which starts next week, not sure what days, probably Monday (rest day) and Friday (yoga day) but I'm not sure.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Near-record 12 Runners

Brad picked me up tonight as Randy went early to run the course twice. It was nice to see Brad. I was hurt all last summer and Brad doesn't run in the winter due to wrestling practice (not to mention cold weather) so we hadn't run together in almost 2 years.

Randy, Brad, Greg & Laura, Brian & Casey, Orrin & Amber, Liz, Andy, Eric (Andy's roommate) and me. I don't think we ever had more than 4 girls before.

Amber never heard of the song Amber by 311. Can you believe it?

I ran out with Eric and then back a little slower with Kasey. Nice run after YogaX. Feels like I won't be as sore as last week.

Speaking of the X, this is day 1 of week 8 (my 2nd recovery week) for P90X. My weight yesterday was 187 so in 7 weeks I have dropped 17 lbs from my starting weight of 205. I'm doing Core Syngergistics in the morning on Wednesday.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Double Double

Tuesday after work I did Ab-Ripper X, then ran on the trail in Oberlin with Randy, Keith, Andy, Thomas, Orrin, and Liz, then came home and completed the Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps workout in the P90X program.

Wednesday I went to Lagrange for open soccer, and then I came home to do the P90X Yoga. This was a slight modification, moving Plyometrics to Friday this week.

My quads are pretty sore from 2 days of double workouts. The good news is I think that after an entire year post-surgery, my hernia-related pain is gone!

Monday, June 15, 2009

P90X Day 41 - Kenpo

I did Kenpo last night and Luke and Nathan (both 12) joined me for most of it. Today is my rest day of week 6 and my weight is 190. Almost halfway there time-wise.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Running With The Kids

The kids and I went for a run today ... Brooke wanted to take more breaks so we started with 4 minutes running and 1 minute walking, goal was to do 30 minutes total (24 running & 6 walking).

Well Luke only took 1 walk break around 14 minutes, he got ahead and then Rachel biked up to catch him and tell him to turn around and come back. He's starting to get in shape for 7th grade cross country in the fall.

I'm estimating we did about 3 miles. This was my 2nd "extra" workout this week, after playing soccer on Wednesday night. This morning I did the P90X Legs & Back workout, plus Ab-Ripper X. I'm 40 days into the P90X program and today I weighed 189 so I am down 16 lbs.

My leg/groin that has bothered me for a year since before and after my hernia surgery has not bothered me at all this week. I think I may start trying to run on Tuesday nights.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Not really P90X doubles, but I did do a double-workout today. I did plyometrics in the morning so that I could go play open soccer tonight! Felt nice starting the day with the workout done!

Tomorrow also I need to do Back & Biceps early, as I'm driving pizzas Thursday night.

Weight at the start of week 6 was 192.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

P90X Day 31 - Back & Biceps - With Pictures

I did the Back & Biceps workout today, lots of pull-ups and curls. My heaviest dumbells are 20 lbs which is not quite heavy enough for some of the curl exercises.

I took some pictures last night, here are my day 0 - day 30 comparisons. The lighing seems a little better in the 2nd set (red shorts).

But regardless of the lighting, you can see in this side picture that my gut is disappearing in just 30 days!