Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday Night - Good Effort

There were 5 of us tonight, Greg & Keith from the farm and Randy & Ken from up here. We met on the bike path and ran 4.5 miles, out and back. Although Keith said he hadn't run since January 31st and then changed it to December 31st, he and Randy still quickly went to the front. Randy let us know tonight that he was officially signed up for the Cleveland Marathon.

I tried to keep up with them, and Greg & Ken were a little behind. They caught me before the turnaround and we ran together for a while before I started to fall back.

With about a mile to go, when we crossed the last road, I increased my pace. I gained on Greg & Ken all the way and almost caught them at the end. It felt good to run hard.

The weather was rainy but it didn't actually rain while we were running. We had a slight headwind on the way back.

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