Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Luke's PR and Brooke's First 5k

I ran the old Corn Run today. This was a road race I did way back in 1986 when it was a 10k. Now there is a 5k and 10k but 90% of the people (including me) choose the 5k.

My hamstring is a little sore ever since Tuesday, and I prayed at church last night from 1-2 AM but other than that I was ready to go!

First mile felt really easy but my time was 6:08. Still too fast. I had started moving up through a group around 1/2 mile and was feeling good. I probably got up to about 20th place at one point. About halfway between 1 and 2 my competitive drive left me and I mostly cruised in. Second mile split was 13:50 (7:42 mile) and my final time was around 21:40 (7:50 last 1.1).

I did take almost a minute off my time from the Spencer race in June, and beat several people who beat me there.

Luke ran really well, running in the 23's, a full 2 minutes faster than his time in Spencer.

Brooke also ran well, considering it was her first 5k ever and she only decided to run it last night.

None of us placed in the top 3 in our ages, and also they ran out of shirts in our sizes.

Want More Energy?

Check out this list of 55 ways to get more energy! My favorite is #1, I don't actually change my socks but I do like to take my shoes off for my lunch break!

How Primal Are You?

Take this quiz to find out!

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P90X Fitness Test - Final 90 Day Results

Well yesterday was day 90 of my P90X routine. Way back on May 4th, before I started, I took the P90X Fit Test to measure my starting point. The table below shows my progress. As you can see the results are pretty significant!

ActivityDay 0Day 90
Weight205.8 lbs179 lbs
Vertical Leap17 inches19.5 inches
Toe-Reach (flexibilitiy)1/2 inch past toes5 inches past toes
Wall Squat1:403:05
Curls (20 lbs)2440
In & Out (abs)3966

P90X Week 13 & Trackwork

I am in week 13, the final week, of my P90X routine. I did Core Synergistics this morning which is a great combination of pushups, lunges, ab work, and other core exercises. It is one of my favorite workouts, I think.

My weight after today's workout was 176, down from 205 just 88 days ago. I am more than satisfied with the weight loss program of P90X!

Last night Luke and I went to the Midview track. He has new spikes for cross country which he has never worn. I wanted him to have a chance to try them out, so we went down and did a 6 lap warm-up.

The workout was 4 reps of 400m, I thought maybe he could run them in 80's but that proved to be ambitious. My reps were 90, 83, 78, 77 while Luke ran 102, 95, 90, 93. After the first one I gave him a 10 second head start each time so we would finish closer together.

The last 2 400s he wore his spikes (and I wore my racing flats).

Running, P90X, & Weight Loss

I ran in Oberlin last night with my brother Gary. Greg, Thomas, Orrin, & Whitney were also there but ran a little faster. It was nice to run with Gary. The weather was very humid.

I am now in my next-to-last week of P90X (for my first round at least). Last night's workout was Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps plus Ab Ripper X. I got on the scales at the end of the night and I was 179!

I haven't been under 180 in years! That felt pretty neat, and I have now lost 26 lbs. I doubt I have much more to lose, but we'll see.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up (P90X, Running, Yoga)

Tuesday night I ran with the Oberlin gang and then came home to do my P90X Chest, Shoulders, & Arms, plus Ab-Ripper X. This was my most normal night of the week.

Wednesday I had a soccer meeting then plans to watch my nephew's band Darkhorse at the Red Iron in Wellington. Plus I would be away from home on Thursday & Friday so I decided to switch P90X Back & Biceps to Wednesday night. This allowed me to travel without needing to find a pull-up bar or weights.

Thursday morning I donated blood.

Thursday night I met my family at Gem Beach at Catawba Island. I brought my laptop and tried to do P90X Plyometrics on the beach, but the waves were too loud so I came back and did the P90X workout in the yard. I added Ab-Ripper X, which doesn't usually go with Plyo but I was due since I had switched nights.

Friday morning I went for an easy 2 mile run with my son Luke and then in the evening I did P90X Yoga. The neat thing was I was under the supervision of an actual yoga instructor (my wife's friend Jen). Thanks for the advice!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

P90X 60 Day Photos

Wow. It is hard for even me to believe that guy on the left was me just 60 days ago.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Soccer and P90X Plyometrics

Brooke and I played soccer with the neighboring community kids (U13 or so) tonight. Brooke was a little tentative at first but then she found her groove and started playing well. I'm not much of a soccer player but I am getting there.

We played about 2 hours. About 1.5 hours after I got home, I did the P90X plyometrics workout. Man-Oh-Manischewitz! What a workout! Weighed myself at the end and I was a new low of 182. That doesn't count as I'm going by morning weight, not post-workout weight, but it's still a good sign.

My new goal is to get down under 180 by the end of my 90 days (Thursday is #59).