Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tuesday Circuits

I went back to Circuits today. Matt taught again. Here are the stations as best I remember them:
  1. Dips
  2. Bicep Curls (8 top half, 8 bottom half, 8 full)
  3. Squat Kicks
  4. Bent-Over Row
  5. Ladder Agility Drill (like running through tires in football)
  6. Front Raises with Body Bar
  7. Pushups with feet on bar (raised)
  8. Lateral Raises
  9. Calf Raises
  10. Alternate Run In Place / Jumps
  11. Seated Military Press
  12. Incline Bench Press
  13. Side Bends (with weight)
  14. Alternate Squats / Wall Sits
  15. Squat Thrusts (with a pushup and a jump)
  16. Crunches with medicine ball over your head
  17. Stationary Bike
  18. Decline Bench Press
  19. Alternate Leg Lifts / Crunches with legs raised
Now of course each class you may end up starting at a different station, but unless you rotate backwards (like we did today), you will do the stations in this order.

Weight = 187 lbs

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