Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday Circuits - With All New Stations

Classes at the fitness center run for 6-8 week sessions. Most classes keep the same format and schedule from session to session, and you don't have to "enroll", but the session gives the staff a week (or half week) to not teach.

The circuits class changes the stations for every new session. Today was the first day of the new session, so we had all new stations. Matt was the instructor (as has become the pattern for Tuesdays).

I started with "wall sits with a weight over your head." Basically sitting against a wall in a squatting position, this stresses your upper legs and abdominal muscles.
Holding the weight (I used a 15-lb dumbell) above your head works your abs even more.

My next station was one-legged squats. Picture a flamingo going down and up on one leg. We are allowed to hold onto the bar while we do this.

I don't remember all the stations, but I'll be doing this class twice a week for the next six weeks so I will try to describe them as time goes by.

Weight = 189 lbs.

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