Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday Cardio Conditioning Class

I wasn't on the pizza schedule tonight and my family wouldn't be home so I stayed after work for Chris' cardio conditioning class. Once again it was a small class, 5 students plus Chris. This was the last class for a while. Next Wednesday is Halloween and the following Wednesday is flu shot day.

And after that, the class may be moved to Mondays at 1 PM.

The highlight of today's class was Chris' idea that every time a song ended we had to stop whatever we were doing and do 10 pushups. Along with a set of 8 - hover - 7 - hover (down to 1) and another set of pushups where we did the down movement slowly (first 7 counts to get down, then 6 counts, ...) we probably did close to 200 pushups today.

My achilles is still giving me tremendous pain but I have pretty much resigned myself that I'm going to run through it for the next week and a half until these 2 races are done.

Tomorrow is probably a rest day as I am scheduled to give blood in the morning.

Weight = 186 lbs.

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