Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Resolution and Rest

First the rest. Wearing the heel lifts yesterday moved the pain from the back of my heel, higher up my leg, to the outside of my right ankle. I'm not wearing them today. My whole ankle seems to stiffen up whenever I sit down for any length of time.

I decided whatever I run this week isn't going to greatly affect my half-marathon time on Sunday so I am resting Tuesday & Wednesday. I'll go for an easy run on Thursday and then rest again on Friday & Saturday.

A couple days ago I wrote how Hermes had lost my registration for the Skeleton Run. Well I have contacted them by email and Drew was very helpful in figuring what probably happened. Hermes moved to a new office recently but their old address was on the entry form for the Skeleton Run.

Drew was also the guy who got us signed up quickly on Sunday morning. Thanks again for getting us going quickly so that we were able to run in the races.

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