Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trophy-Winning Speedwork

I ran speedwork on the St. Ignatius track today. I took a few sidestreets to get there and noticed something I've never seen before. The birthplace of John Heisman! Yes, the famous football coach who the award for college football's best player is named after.

Anyways, after a 1 3/4 mile warm-up, run partly with Rick and Kevin D, I arrived at the track. My plan was to do 4 x 400 meters, in around 80 seconds. My first one felt easy and smooth at 77 seconds. I guess it felt too easy because the next one I ran in 82 seconds.

I put some more effort into the 3rd one and was back down to 80 seconds, and the final repeat was my fastest of all in 76 seconds. I jogged 1 lap in between.

My pulse before the final 400 was 132 and then immediately after I finished it was all the way up to 204!

My 2 mile cool down took me past the Heisman house again for a total of 5 1/2 miles.

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