Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tuesday 5.5 Miles

I planned to run with Rick today but Peter and Vicki were leaving at the same time so the 4 of us ran together. We ran the homeless route, the original way (the bridge is done apparently). We did encounter a homeless guy pushing a shopping cart. The bugs (from yesterday) were gone!

We had a slight delay as one of the drawbridges we cross was up when we got there, but it was about to come down. We added the Jacobs Field loop at the end, the route came to just over 5.3 miles but I count by 1/2 miles so I'm calling it 5 1/2.

That's 9 consecutive days for me. I'll likely take July 4th off from running but I may run in the late afternoon if I get a chance.

Weight = 181 lbs

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