Monday, July 23, 2007


I ran just over 3 miles with Rick today. We started on the homeless route through the flats but then we cut it short twice. My left hamstring is still aching even after 5 days of rest.

I'm taking Tuesday off for sure. I'll probably give it another try on Wednesday with an easy run and if it's not better then, I'll probably shut it down again for the rest of the week.

This is especially frustrating since, before this seemingly minor injury, I was running more consistently than I have in about 10 years.

Weight = 181 lbs


Rosie said...

I feel ya Kevin... I'm resting up because of injury too. My doctors appointment can't come quick enough.

Tom said...

Kevin. Just found your blog site and enjoy reading it. I've dealt with hamstring injuries a few times and had some success. Let me know if you'd like some suggestions. Seems like you get a lot from your running, and that's what many of us enjoy. It's fun watching runners progress. Good luck getting ready for your 5k. I post with another running friend, Amy. We discuss everything about running, just fun stuff. We’ll look forward to reading more of your site and following your progress, especially your recovery. Keep up the good running and posting! Tom