Monday, July 30, 2007

Boot Camp

Well I decided to give my legs a try again today. My last run had been last Monday, a week ago today. I was resting my sore hamstring. Last Monday's run was after 5 days of rest also, but my leg needed more.

Today I joined Vicki's "Boot Camp" class. Boot camp was really just a 3 mile run with some step-ups, jumping jacks, wall sits, lunges, high knees, skipping, and a few hills sprints. Other class members were Rick, Kevin D, Milica, and Gary, 4 people that I run with frequently. There were 2 other girls there that I don't really know, Lauren & Daniella.

I really took it easy. My hamstring felt much better but not totally healed. It went from tingling, to tight, to weak. There was 1 step that gave me pain but I stopped and walked a bit and when I started running again it didn't hurt.

It does still feel weak, low in my left hamstring, right before I land / push off.

I'm not running Tuesday but I'm not taking another week off either. I haven't decided when I'll run again. I may actually try yoga for the stretching.

Tom from Runners Lounge posted that he may have some hamstring advice for me. I'm pretty open to advice from anyone at this point, if you have something to say, feel free to leave a comment! And Thanks!

Weight = 179 lbs

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