Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Hills

I ran hills in the flats today with Milica, Rick, Jason, and Chris. I've never run with Jason or Chris before. Jason knows Milica from volleyball, and Chris is an instructor at the fitness center.

The reason we ran hills in the flats, and the reason Jason came along, was because our fitness center is having a contest this summer. You get a point for every 15 minutes of exercise / activity, and each week there is a bonus activity that you can do for extra credit. You have to provide photo evidence. This week's activity was to run or walk the 4 hills in the flats.

I'm not in the contest but Milica and Jason are, so I served as cameraman for this excursion. The top photo shows (left to right) Chris, Milica, and Jason running up the northern-most hill in the flats. (At the bottom of the hill is the old Fagan's). The bottom photo is Chris and Milica running up the 4th hill at the south end of the flats.

After completing all the hills, we were about 2 1/2 miles so we did one more loop through the flats (without the extra hills) and were back at the office right around 4 miles.

In front of our office, I noticed something I've never seen before. To read about it, check out my pizza blog.

My hamstring is still a little sore. Strangely it felt better going up the hills than running on the flats.

Weight = 181 lbs

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