Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday The 13th AM 7 Miles

I got up at 5 AM again this week to come in and run longer with Kevin D. Before work. The course we run is 7.5 miles.

I started out feeling ok, we seemed to be going slightly slower than 2 weeks ago. Kevin D. was definitely setting the pace, until we got to the Superior Bridge around 4 miles into the run, when he faded behind me and followed me across the bridge. I felt at the time that Kevin was just making me do the work for a while.

After crossing the bridge my left hamstring began to hurt a little more so I slowed up. Kevin went ahead and then suggested I cut across a side-street, and I agreed. This cut about 1/4 mile off of the route for me.

It took Kevin most of the rest of the run to catch up with me again, and his time was just over 56 minutes, about the same as 2 weeks ago. Adding in a couple minutes for the part I cut my time would have been about the same as well.

Kevin did comment to me that I carried him across the bridge. He said he had the song Stacy's Mom going through his head up until that point, when his mind started to wander to the tasks he had to accomplish this weekend!

Sights of the run included the fencing, bleachers, and a mound of dirt set up at the North Coast Harbor for next weekend's Dew Action Sports Tour.

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