Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday 3.5 Miles - Racing The Mail

I ran home from the Swim Meet today, the same 3 1/2 mile route as last week. My left hamstring is still achy but it seems to be getting better each day. I'm planning to take Sunday off and hope that by next week it is pretty much all better. I did notice today that the ache is very low on my hamstring, much closer to my knee than my butt.

One interesting thing today is that as I was running along a residential side-street, I ended up behind a mail truck. This truck would zip ahead and then stop at the (roadside) mailbox to deliver the mail to that house, and then zip ahead to the next house. Obviously when it was moving the truck was faster than me but then when it stopped I would gain on it.

This lasted probably about 600 yards and by the end I had pulled even with and passed the mail truck!

Victoria's friend Jennifer came in from Pittsburgh and they got up early and biked the entire length of the bike path, out and back, for a total of 26 miles. Great job girls!

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