Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence Day - 4.5 Miles

I half expected to not be able to run today. We went to a parade in the morning and a family picnic at Keith & Tiffany's in the afternoon. Some years at the picnic there has been a spirited basketball game or even a half mile race. But this year the most activity I got was a rigorous game of cornhole.

Then we were invited to another picnic in the late afternoon, but we decided to stay home, baby George (and his mother) were still a little tired out from fireworks last night. So I had some free time in the evening and decided to go for a run.

I mapped out a new route that was slightly over 4.5 miles. Not much significant on the run. I did meet 2 other runners, a biker (twice), and ran past several neighborhood get-togethers, including one where I saw a player from my son's soccer team. I also ran through a few clouds of smoke from backyard fireworks displays.

This gives me 10 days in a row, something I haven't accomplished in years.

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