Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday 3.5 Miles Plus Abs

I ran at lunch today with Kevin D, Troy, Peter, and Milica. Or at least I tried to.

We quickly broke into 2 groups, Kevin D and Troy in the front, Peter and Milica in the back. I decided to try to run with Kevin and Troy. I should have stayed back.

The run was enjoyable. Kevin's boss's daughter is running in the Ohio State HS Track Meet today, which brought out a few old stories.

About 3 miles into the run I slowed down considerably. Peter and Milica caught me. I kept up for a while but at 3.5 I stopped and walked the last half-mile back to the office. Milica talked Peter into going on and doing the extra 1.5 miles with the extra hill, but I knew if I tried that I would be crawling.

I did add a little bit by joining the short Abs Class when I got back up to the fitness center.

I know part of my problem was not eating well, 2 days this week I have skipped dinner due to late soccer practice and then wanting to watch the Cavs game. My weight is the lowest it has been in years!

Weight = 179 lbs.

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