Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thursday Bloody Thursday

Thursday was the day the Bloodmobile came to my place of employment. I was scheduled for a 1:45 appointment, so that I could still run at lunch (which I did).

I went and read the information, and got checked in. While waiting for my turn, there was a minor emergency. A girl from the cookie table became very pale and looked as if she was about to pass out. This got everyone's attention as they moved her to a cot, put her feet up, and covered her with a blanket. Her whole body was shaking! Getting her under control took several minutes of time for all the medical personnel and slowed things down significantly.

Finally it was my turn. The nurse first marked my arm (with a magic marker) to give herself a target. She then went away to tend to another patient. When she came back and looked again, she decided she needed to mark a different spot, a few millimeters over.

She stuck the needle in and the blood started to flow, and then it stopped for some reason. She came back and wiggled the needle, getting the blood flowing again, but while she poked around it felt all of a sudden like I had a charley-horse on my arm.

After a minute or so the blood stopped again. Now I have given blood every 2 months, this would have been my 4th time and I've never had any trouble before. But this time another blood-worker came over and they decided to stop and give up. They gave me a small ice-pack to hold on my arm.

I did get to have juice and cookies but it was very frustrating to spend that much time over there and not be able to successfully give blood.

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