Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Morning Long Run

I've been talking with Kevin D for months about coming in early on Fridays for a long run. Well the company picnic is today so the fitness center is closed from 11-3. So I finally decided today would be the day. We planned to meet at 6:30 AM.

I was able to get up and get in on time and shortly after 6:30 we were on the road. We ran a little loop downtown before heading north to Lakeside and then back around the Rock Hall / Science Center / Browns Stadium and into the flats. Mid-run there was a hill out of the flats and onto the Detroit-Superior bridge.

We ran the whole run at what seemed like a pretty brisk pace but Kevin started to get away from me on that part of the run. We ran the extra part after crossing the bridge, then Kevin picked up the pace quite a bit crossing back over the 2nd bridge.

Total distance was 7.5 miles. Kevin timed himself at 57 minutes and me at 59 minutes. He said by himself he usually runs that route in about 63 minutes. For me today's run was about 7:50 pace, and a 7:35 pace for Kevin D.

This gives me 27 miles for the week, which is the most I've run in at least the past 3 years. Also, I have run at least 4 times per week for 7 consecutive weeks.

Weight = 182 lbs

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