Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday Night - 4 Miles

I ran with the gang after soccer practice tonight. Or at least I tried to. I arrived around 8:15 but they had already left. I started west on the out-and-back course and met Greg, Keith, Randy, & Brad a little less than 2 miles out.

Brad let me know that Ken was behind them, so I continued out until I found Ken and turned around and ran back with him. Ken was having some knee pain tonight, and it slowed him down significantly.

Back at the McDonald's parking lot, while eating Dole Fruit Bars, Greg let us know that he was off next Tuesday. Besides hosting the monthly Farm Bureau meeting, it is Greg and Laura's 31st wedding anniversary. Congratulations! Ken is out of town also so it was decided that there will be no run next Tuesday.

Meanwhile Brad and I began making plans to run on Sunday. I said that I had to pick up my kids at 6 PM so we had to run either before that or after that. Keith thought this statement was hilariously obvious.

Brad and I agreed to run at 3PM on Sunday.

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