Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tuesday 5 Miles

I didn't go to Circuits today. There was a big group going outside (Rick, Kevin D, Vicki, and Milica) and the weather was beautiful, so I was easily convinced.

We ran a modified version of the Homeless Route. We had to change because something is going on with one of the bridges over the Cuyahoga River on the main route. Going the new way, we made a turn and saw a different bridge raised to let a boat go under. There was some concern that yet another bridge (do you know how winding the Cuyahoga is?) would be raised before we got there, but Vicki, self-proclaimed expert on boat speed, said we would make it easily, and we did.

The run was then uneventful until we got almost back to the office, when we saw a car with clouds of smoke billowing out from under the hood, and flames shooting down from under the engine area. Talk about excitement!

I went straight in to get a shower but some others who did not come in right away told me that the car totally burst into flames just a few minutes after we passed it!

Weight = 183 lbs.

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