Saturday, May 26, 2007

5 Mile Race - 34:00

I had a 5 Mile race today. I ran the same race last year and finished 21st in 33:33. I was hoping to improve on last years time.

There was a light rain falling before the race but it was warm enough that it didn't feel bad at all. Keeping your shoes and feet dry was the important thing. We got to the race about an hour before the start and had plenty of time to warm up, change into racing shoes, and make a last minute bathroom stop.

We lined up, the bell rang, and we were off. I felt pretty at ease the first mile, I was around 25th in 6:10. I was running right behind a very experienced runner about my age, John N.

After the mile mark John picked up the pace slightly but I tried to stay in contact with his group. I still felt pretty good and hit the 2 mile mark in 12:46, a 6:36 2nd mile.

I slowed down a little in the 3rd mile and a group of 2 guys passed me, my 3 mile time was 19:35 for a 6:49 mile. Still doing well and ahead of pace for last years time. The 4th mile I actually thought I was gaining on one of the guys ahead of me but there were several turns so maybe I misjudged my pace. My 4-mile split was around 26:55, I don't remember exactly. Whatever it was, that mile was around 7:20 and that cost me alot of time in the race.

Another pair of runners (older guy and younger girl) passed me about this time. I tried to stay with them but quickly fell off their pace. I high-fived my family as I ran past them and finished right at 34:00, somewhere around 29th place if my count is correct.

At this race they have your age division clearly marked on your number and they pass out the awards right as you come through the chute. As a 35-39 male, I didn't place in my age group.

About a half-hour later, the kids ran the 1-mile fun run. My 10-year old son Levi has run this race the past 2 years and had a 6:10 last year for 10th place. This year he finished 6th in 5:42. I'll probably write more about the kids race in one of my other blogs later this weekend.

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