Monday, June 29, 2009

P90X Yoga Modification, Plyometrics, & Bowling

I had a super-busy schedule yesterday and had to modify my P90X Yoga workout to get it done. I split it in half, doing the moving asanas in the early evening and then the balance postures later at night. Also I surrendered in a battle for tv time so I made space to do them in the bedroom. The only challenge to that was in finding a spot to stand where I didn't bump into the ceiling fan when I reached up.

Earlier I had done a partial P90X Plyometrics workout with 8 kids from our soccer league. We did most of the moves, but for 30 seconds each and only 1 time through.

And the bowling was on a date with my wife. I haven't bowled in years, but started out my first game with 2 strikes in a row. I ended up with 170, but it could have been even higher as I was awful at picking up my spares, and I rolled a gutterball on my 3rd ball of the 10th frame (after 2 more strikes).

My second game was more my speed with 123.

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