Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Near-record 12 Runners

Brad picked me up tonight as Randy went early to run the course twice. It was nice to see Brad. I was hurt all last summer and Brad doesn't run in the winter due to wrestling practice (not to mention cold weather) so we hadn't run together in almost 2 years.

Randy, Brad, Greg & Laura, Brian & Casey, Orrin & Amber, Liz, Andy, Eric (Andy's roommate) and me. I don't think we ever had more than 4 girls before.

Amber never heard of the song Amber by 311. Can you believe it?

I ran out with Eric and then back a little slower with Kasey. Nice run after YogaX. Feels like I won't be as sore as last week.

Speaking of the X, this is day 1 of week 8 (my 2nd recovery week) for P90X. My weight yesterday was 187 so in 7 weeks I have dropped 17 lbs from my starting weight of 205. I'm doing Core Syngergistics in the morning on Wednesday.

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