Saturday, June 13, 2009

Running With The Kids

The kids and I went for a run today ... Brooke wanted to take more breaks so we started with 4 minutes running and 1 minute walking, goal was to do 30 minutes total (24 running & 6 walking).

Well Luke only took 1 walk break around 14 minutes, he got ahead and then Rachel biked up to catch him and tell him to turn around and come back. He's starting to get in shape for 7th grade cross country in the fall.

I'm estimating we did about 3 miles. This was my 2nd "extra" workout this week, after playing soccer on Wednesday night. This morning I did the P90X Legs & Back workout, plus Ab-Ripper X. I'm 40 days into the P90X program and today I weighed 189 so I am down 16 lbs.

My leg/groin that has bothered me for a year since before and after my hernia surgery has not bothered me at all this week. I think I may start trying to run on Tuesday nights.

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