Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday Cardio Conditioning Class

I had to stay late at work tonight for a software upgrade we are performing at 8 PM. So last week when I saw a sign in the fitness center for a new Cardio Contitioning class, I decided to try to attend.

Well the class was pretty close to the Circuits class I used to attend (and will again once the weather makes it less comfortable to run outside). There were no stations, all group exercises, but the exercises were pretty much the same.

After a warm up of walking, jogging, & jumping jacks, we started off with a series of 1 jumping jack, 1 push-up, 2 jumping jacks, 2 push-ups, ... all the way up to 10 jumping jacks and 10 push ups.

It was a good class, but towards the end, after a series of lunges, squats, high-knees, and a couple sprints, my left hamstring got a little twinge. I hope I'm not injured again, but I think I'm taking the rest of the week off just to be safe.

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