Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Separation Tuesday

I ran the homeless route today with Rick, Peter, & Milica, more or less.

I was last to the fitness center. Rick was already dressed, but then he heard it was muggy out (and it was!) so he came back to the locker room to take his inhaler. By the time we got out to the hall, Peter & Milica had left without us.

We ran the lakeshore route yesterday so Rick guessed (correctly) that they had run the homeless route. We ran partway into the flats and then cut over to try to meet up with them. We actually were a little too far ahead of them and didn't see them right away.

Rick was struggling and fell behind. At one point I turned to run a little extra up a sidestreet to allow Rick to catch up. But then I misjudged and went too far and I ended up behind all 3 of them. I caught up and then Rick fell back again.

It seemed like almost never the entire group of us was together.

Total distance about 4 1/2 miles.

Weight = 182 lbs.

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