Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday Yoga For Men

The fitness center offered a class today titled Introduction to Yoga for Men. Since my wife enjoys yoga I thought I would go.

Of course work interfered and I was a little late in arriving. I was surprised to find the lights dim. I got myself a mat and a yoga brick (which I didn't use), found a spot, and started trying to follow along.

We did something called the Sun Salutation. This involved going from standing, to bending over, to bending over with hands and feet on the ground, down to a plank, and then back up. We also did a few things that were similar to squats.

There was alot of stretching and breathing. We did a balancing pose on one leg, and then repeated with the other leg.

I'm sure it was good for my flexibility and balance but I am working out for endurance and strength. If I had unlimited time I might even participate in yoga a couple times per week, but all in all, I think my time is better used running.

Weight = 189

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