Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tuesday Circuits

Good circuits class today. Jeff said that I was quiet. I liked to think of myself as hard at work.

Continuing with my review of the stations:

Seated Military Press: I think I used 20 lb dumbbells for this. The chair we use is plastic and I always find myself leaning back slightly. Maybe this would be a better station sitting on a stool?

Bent Elbow Lateral Raises (Milk Jugs): With elbows out and hands chest high, raise your arms laterally, meanwhile twisting the dumbbells in your hands in a motion very similar to pouring a jug of milk. I used 17.5 lb dumbbells.

V-Sits / Leg Lifts: An abdominal station, alternating 10 sets of V-sits (sit up and lift your legs up at the same time, putting your body in a V shape) and leg lifts.

Fast Feet / Push-ups: Alternate 10 count of fast feet with 10 push-ups.

Squats: Leg squats with no weights. This seems almost like a rest or stretching station for me.

Crunches lying on side: Another spot to work on abs.

Push-ups with Elasto-Band: We use a stretchy-band like this, wrapped over your shoulders and held in your hands, to make push-ups even tougher.

This concludes the stations in this session of circuits.

Weight = 189 lbs

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