Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tuesday Night Running Club - 4.5 Miles

My soccer team has footskills tomorrow so practice was canceled tonight. I went to part of Jacob's practice and then made it to the running group. Ken was away teaching a class and Keith was at a track meet, so there were 4 of us. Randy, Greg, Brad and I.

This was my first time seeing Brad since fall. He coaches wrestling, a convenient excuse for him to miss running outside during the cold weather.

And it was Randy's last run with us before heading to Boston for the Boston Marathon.

The weather was warm, close to 80, and Randy bought popcicles after we finished.

Topics of conversation centered on frugality, inspired by my car. Randy told of a friend who bought rusted out Datson for $200 to replace a car of the same vintage. Randy then described how this same friend re-soled his shoes using a mudflap he found discarded on the side of the road.

Greg then told of cousin Otho who re-soled his running shoes with a hot glue gun.

It was a great night with a great group of guys!

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