Wednesday, July 22, 2009

P90X Week 13 & Trackwork

I am in week 13, the final week, of my P90X routine. I did Core Synergistics this morning which is a great combination of pushups, lunges, ab work, and other core exercises. It is one of my favorite workouts, I think.

My weight after today's workout was 176, down from 205 just 88 days ago. I am more than satisfied with the weight loss program of P90X!

Last night Luke and I went to the Midview track. He has new spikes for cross country which he has never worn. I wanted him to have a chance to try them out, so we went down and did a 6 lap warm-up.

The workout was 4 reps of 400m, I thought maybe he could run them in 80's but that proved to be ambitious. My reps were 90, 83, 78, 77 while Luke ran 102, 95, 90, 93. After the first one I gave him a 10 second head start each time so we would finish closer together.

The last 2 400s he wore his spikes (and I wore my racing flats).

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