Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Luke's PR and Brooke's First 5k

I ran the old Corn Run today. This was a road race I did way back in 1986 when it was a 10k. Now there is a 5k and 10k but 90% of the people (including me) choose the 5k.

My hamstring is a little sore ever since Tuesday, and I prayed at church last night from 1-2 AM but other than that I was ready to go!

First mile felt really easy but my time was 6:08. Still too fast. I had started moving up through a group around 1/2 mile and was feeling good. I probably got up to about 20th place at one point. About halfway between 1 and 2 my competitive drive left me and I mostly cruised in. Second mile split was 13:50 (7:42 mile) and my final time was around 21:40 (7:50 last 1.1).

I did take almost a minute off my time from the Spencer race in June, and beat several people who beat me there.

Luke ran really well, running in the 23's, a full 2 minutes faster than his time in Spencer.

Brooke also ran well, considering it was her first 5k ever and she only decided to run it last night.

None of us placed in the top 3 in our ages, and also they ran out of shirts in our sizes.

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