Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pain, Blood, P90X, Running, Bands

Well as you can tell I can't come up with a title for today's post.

My groin pain is still nagging. I'm up to taking the pain medicine 3x/day and will start the nerve medicine next week. The pain medicine seems to have no effect.

I gave blood this week on Wednesday. I'm a pretty regular donor now at 5-6 times / year. This time I got a coupon for a free Frosty at Wendy's.

I've heard a couple people talking about this extreme workout video called P90X. I thought maybe I would give it a try. My groin pain isn't disabling, it just makes me cautious about running far from home in case the pain increases and I have to walk back. So I thought a workout video would be good.

Well I did some research and found that I would need a pull-up bar and a set of stretch bands / tubes to do this workout. I also found out that P90X is pretty advanced and there is a lower level workout called P90, which maybe I should start with.

So anyhow I went to WalMart on Thursday night and got the Perfect Pullup bar and mounted it in the doorway to the utility room in the basement, and also a set of Gold's Gym Long Tubes (something like this but not exactly.) The tubes came with a workout video so I made the decision to make sure I would do the workout video consistently (maybe 3x / week for 2 weeks) before I spend the money on either the P90 or P90X.

Brooke's U11 soccer coach is requiring her to run 25 minutes at least twice weekly (outside of practice). So she and I got up and went for an easy run this morning (well easy for me). We did just over 2 miles on an out-and-back course. To be precise, we went 4 telephone poles past the 1-mile turn around. She did really well, only stopping once to tie her shoes.

After I got back I thought Luke and I could do the long tube workout video but even though we have 3 tubes, we only have 1 set of handles so really only one person can do the workout at a time.

Still, the bottom line is that I did run AND work out (chest, biceps, back, triceps, abs, and a little cardio mixed in).

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