Monday, March 30, 2009

Gold's Gym Long Tube Workout - Triceps

In case it's not clear, I am doing the entire Gold's Gym Long Tube Workout 3 times each week. I'm not doing just the Triceps portion.

However, each time I workout I am writing about the next section that we do. And today we are up to the triceps.

We start with single-arm triceps kick-backs. Standing on the cord, bent forward with the elbow arm raised, bend just at the elbow to extend the triceps back. Of course we then repeat for the opposite arm.

Next is the single-arm triceps pull-down. Holding the cord above our heads, we extend the triceps down. Sometimes this seems like more work for my arm that is held up over my head.

The final triceps excercise is triceps raises (behind the head). Standing on the cord, this is done with both arms together.

For people who don't work out at all, triceps are often among the most neglected muscle groups so it is good to work on them specifically.

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