Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday 4.5 Miles

I had planned to run a few times but didn't make it a priority so I didn't get out from last Thursday until today. I ran at lunch again and today all of our regular group was there: Kevin D, Peter, Rick, Vicki, and Milica.

The weather was hot and very humid as we ran along the lakeshore. Peter, Kevin, and Vicki turned off by the Rock Hall but not before Peter announced that his wife Laura was pregnant, due either in late February (she thinks) or early March (the doctor thinks). Peter agrees with the doctor.

Laura just hopes the baby isn't born on February 29th, which is possible since next year is a leap year.

Today was definitely the best my hamstring has felt since the injury, in fact, I didn't notice any pain in my leg at all!

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