Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well I had another appointment with the pain doctor last night after my 2 rounds of medicine did very little to help.

He suggested I try a cortisone shot, he called it a nerve blocker. He said one should last a month, a second should last a couple more months, and after that hopefully I would be all healed. I asked why I would not and he chuckled and said maybe I would be afraid of needles.

He pressed against my upper right leg / groin to find where the pain was centered and then marked the spots with magic marker. He then took the needle & syringe and gave me injections in 5 different spots. He sent me on my way, suggesting that I be careful driving and take it easy that night as my leg might be a little weak.

What an understatement! By the time I drove home, my right leg was completely numb. I went up stairs, sat down for a bit, then started getting dressed for soccer practice. I fell down twice getting dressed, my leg just gave out on me with no warning. I fell 4 more times throughout the night, including twice walking across the field after soccer.

I had to take the day off work today, I didn't sleep at all until after 5 AM and my leg was still mostly numb when I awoke around 7:30. It finally wore off around 1PM, but now my knee and ankle are really sore from the falls.

But the lingering pain from my hernia seems to be gone.

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