Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gold's Gym Long Tube Workout - Legs

Since I got off-schedule earlier in the week, I did my 3rd Tube workout today. The next set of exercises I haven't described is legs. First we did squats (pretty easy to understand) standing with both feet on the tubes.

The other leg excercise doesn't really have a name (that I know). Mia on the dvd says that it works on the adductor muscle. These are the muscles that move your leg left and right. We stood with 1 leg on the tube and put the other foot against the stretchy part of the tube and pressed out (away from the other leg). A challenging part of this is standing on 1 leg!

Nick (from the pizza shop) and I last night were discussing fitness and he's planning to start working out also so maybe we can challenge each other.

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