Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gold's Gym Long Tube Workout - Back

First of all I figured out how to recenter my cord protectors, the canvas sleeves that cover the stretchy tubes. Some were becoming off-center and when I tried to recenter them the sleeves would start to turn inside out on themselves and bunch up and they would not move.

I simply snipped the end of the sleeve to make it wider so that I could keep it open while I pulled and now I can move the sleeves where I need them.

Anyhow I'm back to my morning workout routine today, the next workout I haven't described is the back. We did 2 exercises for the back, bent-over row and shrugs. Shrugs are always pretty easy for me.

Next planned workout is a run with Brooke on Friday and another tube workout on Saturday.

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natalie said...

This is such a nice video. I like watching it. Learned something from it! :)

Good luck and more power!

natalie vibram