Thursday, April 3, 2008

Streaking - No Longer (Aggravated Groin)

Today was my 10th consecutive day of running, but I'm pretty sure I won't get to 11.

I hurt myself today somehow. I was just running along, feeling good, when suddenly my groin started hurting and I started to slow down. By about 6 minutes later I was walking and walked over a mile in.

I've pretty much decided I'm taking the next 3 days off to rest and I'll reevaluate on Monday. I have plenty of time for my fall marathon, but I don't want to be hurt. And I am already signed up for the Hermes 10 Miler in 3 weeks.

Here is a good article I found on groin injuries. It says I should rest for a week.

Tuesday 4/1 - 4.5 miles - 36:01
Nice run with Randy & Greg. Windy from the west and chilly again. Greg told of his wine-tasting trip to southern Ohio, and Randy told of his trip to Ireland.

Wednesday 4/2 - 6 miles - 56:04
Very easy run with Rick at lunch today. Weight is down another pound to 184!

Thursday 4/3 - 3 miles - 24:00
I aggravated my groin today somehow. I was running along, feeling pretty good. I passed 2.37 miles in 18 minutes (7:36 pace) so I wasn't going really fast, just a little faster than I usually run on my own.

I was on a slight downhill and my right groin started feeling sore, like I should slow down. By 24 minutes I was walking, and I walked the last 1 1/4 miles back to the office.

The pain is right on the joint, the innermost spot where my right leg connects to my pelvis. It's not in the quad muscle at all.

It really hurts.

I'm probably going to take Friday-Sunday off at this point, hope it's just a minor ache, and hope it feels better on it's own by Monday.


Watching said...


What happened to taking a day off? Show some restraint and let your body heal even when you feel good. Two days a week might be better but that is a different mindset. Now you are injuried and have to take many off. You need to do that. At least four or five days and if it hurts then take another couple off.

heal and good luck!

KevinL said...

I was actually planning to take a day off this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. I've run 6 days a week for the past 8 weeks I think, never 7 and never 5.

Obviously I should have done something differently though, you are correct (whoever you are).