Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two-A-Day (total 9 miles)

I ran 4 miles at lunch on the treadmill at work in 30:08

I then went to circuits class for the last half.

Tonight I ran with Greg, Thomas, & Liz at the Oberlin bike path. We did the normal run which my Garmin Forerunner measures as 4.65, I then added 1.5 laps around the parking lot to make it an even 5 miles in 41:06.

There were patches of snow on the path, which of course were better than the slick icy spots. The footing was definitely dicey in several sections.

Splits were 8:28-8:01-8:15-7:43-8:40.

Max heart rate was 160, average was 142.

Thomas and I are making plans for a longer (12ish) run around 12:30 on Christmas eve.

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