Thursday, January 15, 2009

Giving Blood And Keeping Score

I gave blood today. It took a little extra time as it was very crowded at the time I showed up, it was over an hour waiting until I finally got the needle in my arm. A small part of the delay was the first nurse who looked at my arms couldn't decide which arm to stick. She called her supervisor over and he made the call (my right arm). I was allowed to give even though I have been taking my prescription for Ultram.

Then tonight was our first week of basketball games. I am on the team of Rob, the guy who runs the league and I found out tonight that he works for Hyland Software. Hyland produces OnBase, a Document Management system that I am very familiar with.

Anyways, our team had a bye tonight but it was our duty to run the scoreboard and keep stats for 2 other games, so I was there from 8-11 PM.

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