Saturday, December 4, 2010

Turkey, Pig, and Reindeer (Race Reports)

I've run 3 races in the past 10 days and wanted to post my race reports.

First on Thanksgiving was the Turkey Trot.

Weather was cold & rainy. Was an ok run, probably could have done better. Held back and tried to run steady up the hills at the end of 2 / beginning of 3, got passed alot. Also should have kicked harder, lost a few spots there also (T Trentel).

Time was 31:09 for 5 miles:  (5:40-6:14-6:25-6:24-6:24).  Finished 69th overall, 3rd in my age.  Got the award today which was a free meal at Chipotle!

Next, just 2 days later, was the Pigskin Classic.  This was more of a event than a race, with almost everyone dressed in red and supporting the Buckeyes!

Good start, 5 guys took off right from the start (awards for the top 5). Then Don H, then me. Lost 3 spots going around the Browns stadium, including the first girl, then passed by Ben S. right after the mile. Then passed by Frank Z. right after the turn. 2nd girl passed me right around 2 miles.
Lost 1 more spot (yellow Mich. guy) going around the stadium on the way back, then got it back going up the hill, passed Don also. Mich. guy passed me back before the last turn, I almost caught him at the line, I didn't but my chip time was faster!
The 2nd half of the race was hard to keep a fast pace, the wind after the turn was brutal, then the hill up from Browns Stadium just added on.
All in all, good race.  12th overall, 19:06 (5:38-6:16-6:48).  No age group awards in this race.
Finally, today was the Reindeer Run, the last race of the Hermes series.
Another nice race. Weather was pretty cold, light wind. Top 5 went out, we had a small pack following them with Randy and a few others. Randy pulled ahead around the mile, I lost contact with the group at the turn-around but didn't fall far behind at all. One more guy passed me in the last mile. I thought I finished 11th but Frank Z was close behind and beat me on chip time.

I wore jingle bells on my shoes which was pretty fun!

I was 12th in 18:16 (5:44-5:59-6:02).  Won my age group, got a nice (clear plastic) medal with a reindeer!
I end the series in 5th overall.

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