Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Five In A Row - Turkey Trot Preparation - Let's Run

Last week I rejoined the fitness center at work (so I could run during the week in the daylight) and now I've run 5 days in a row:

Saturday - 2.75 miles (22 minute Extreme Interval Fat Burner on the treadmill)
Sunday - 2.75 miles (22 minute Extreme Interval Fat Burner on the treadmill)
Monday - 5.5 miles with Rick (Tremont route)
Tuesday - 4.5 miles in Oberlin on the bike path with Greg, Keith, Thomas, Randy, Cassie, Liz, & Geoff
Wednesday - 5.5 miles with Rick & Mike (Tremont route)

I'm doing the Turkey Trot at LCCC tomorrow. The Chronicle had a nice article about the race this week. This will be the 41st annual Turkey Trot! One guy has run 37 of the first 40.

I've only run this race 8 times myself ... most recently 48:13 in 2006. My fastest time was way back in 1986 when I ran 38:47, and my best place was 11th in 1990 (the year it was shortened to 5 miles).

Finally, thanks to Randy I've started following the Let's Run website, which covers elite competitive running and racing. I read a few articles, including this one by Weldon Johnson, which I think has encouraged me to put in a serious attempt at upping my mileage.

I had already decided to run the Cleveland Marathon in May, 2010. My intermediate goals are to run a 40-mile week in November (this week) and a 50-mile week in December.

Stay tuned!

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