Friday, August 22, 2008

Starting Over

I ran about 1 3/4 miles today. It was an easy run, by myself, from the fitness center. Therw was no pain but still some tenderness in the groin area that led to the hernia surgery in the first place.

The workout was discouraging for a couple reasons. First of all when I got to the fitness center, my locker was locked and the key was gone! (I always leave my key in it). I found the only staff member on duty (Tammy) and she did open it up with the master key. We found an empty mesh bag.

Tammy then helped me find my clothes all bagged up in a closet. I had been kicked out! Apparently I notified the wrong person about my surgery. Everything is resolved now but it did make me feel sad and lonely for a while.

Then as I ran down into the flats and found a road closed and the whole old flats bar district bulldozed in preparation for a new development. Now I knew this was coming but it was still a surprise to see places like the Beach Club and the Paladium (more recently Larry Flynt's Hustler Club) totally gone.

Weight is up to 197 (from 184 last time I ran).

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